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Arts & Humanities Programs

Get the essential practice and preparation to harness your creativity and express yourself. We offer a wide variety of courses and programs in Visual Arts, Humanities, Brewing and Performing Arts.

  • Art History

    Art History

    Explore the vast history of art with courses covering prehistoric times to modern and contemporary art.

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  • Brewing & Culinary Arts

    Brewing & Culinary Arts

    ​​Offering in-depth academic and practical training for entry-level brewing professionals

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  • Children's Book Writing & Illustration

    Children's Book Writing & Illustration

    Create your best work while learning from industry professionals in our accredited children's book illustration and writing programs.

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  • Fine Art

    Fine Art

    Extension offers an array of courses in the techniques of drawing and oil, acrylic and watercolor painting.

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  • Humanities


    Immerse yourself in the study of human culture with one of our enriching Humanities courses focusing on such studies as literature, history, politics and culture.

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  • Illustration


    For aspiring illustrators who are interested in creating graphic novels, editorial illustrations, comic books or storyboards, these courses are a great start.

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  • Performing Arts

    Performing Arts

    ​Explore ways to express yourself physically with our singing, music and acting classes.​

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  • Photography


    Improve your photography skills with class offerings in artistic and technical focus, digital printing, film photography, lighting and history of photography.

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  • Studio & Decorative Arts

    Studio & Decorative Arts

    We offer a wide range of classes in various mediums such as calligraphy, book arts, floral design, paper cutting, mosaic and printmaking.

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