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Branding I
9 Weeks | $595 | In-class

Pursue an intermediate identity and branding project with a strong focus on process when you enroll in Branding I. Coursework will advance your communication, presentation, and storytelling of design work. But most importantly, we will work towards understanding how to solve problems when creating complex designs, and use design principles to analyze and critique verbally and in writing your graphic design assignments and those of your classmates. A solid brand creates not only a memorable experience for those who succumb to its power, but a solid brand also creates ROI. Learn how to create a brand that sells in Branding I.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to use traditional hand-rendering skills and computer software to develop advanced graphic design production techniques.
  • The skills needed to aid you in branding conceptualization, ideation, research, execution, presentation, and assessment.
  • How to articulate communication theories, ethics, and environmental concerns.
  • The ability to create professional-level designs.

Quarters Offered: Spring | In-class
Course Fee: $595
Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Graphic Design or equivalent experience.
Materials/Software/Hardware: Students must have Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud.
Note: Elective course for Graphic Design (Specialized) Certificate
Contact: For more information about this course, please email the academic department at

Course Number: ART-40678
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)