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This introductory course integrates the study of economics with a myriad of business and financial related decisions. Students will gain an awareness of business and financial markets as well as relevancy of economics to the real business environment.  Through lectures, discussions and course material, students will develop an understanding of current economic ideas and their relevancy to business and the financial decision-making process. Students will also acquire knowledge in quantitative/analytics as well as communication skills, and learn about their application in the business world.    
Students will have the following learning opportunities:

  • Learn Economic theories and quantitative methods to analyze business enterprise.
  • Evaluate factors contributing to the diversity of firms’ competitive positions and the relationships of firms with labor, capital and the product market.
  • Integrate economic principles and strategies into daily business practices.
  • Understand capital acquisition, profit generation, production efficiency, and overall management strategy.
  • Analyze how other economic external factors influences business decisions such as changes in industry regulations or unexpected shift in prices of production materials.
  • Comprehend the idea of utilizing available resources to maximize production while minimizing waste.
  • Study how the Federal Government’s Fiscal Policy and the Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy impact the business enterprises.

Course Number: BUSA-40919
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)