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Explore cutting-edge renewable energy strategies, clean technologies, and effective energy management for businesses and homes. Understand the multiple factors driving the development of renewable energy technologies including climate change, limitations on fossil fuels, National Security, and the health impacts of non-renewable energy sources.

Topics May Include:

  • Sub-categories of the clean technology industry (including wind, solar, and tidal energies; energy storage; energy infrastructure; alternative fuel; water; recycling and waste).
  • Market-stage development and market opportunities for clean technologies.
  • The role of facilities managers in improving building energy efficiency and reducing costs, with an emphasis on the Life Cycle Costs of various alternatives.
  • Solutions that are “sustainable,” in terms of financial return and care for the environment.

Read more about the growth of Clean Technology in the instructor's blog article, Clean Technology - Explained.

USGBC Continuing Education Hours: This course is approved by GBCI for 27 CE Hour(s). For more information go to USGBC-Continuing Education.

Course Number: BUSA-40865
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)