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Prepare to Teach Computer Science in K-12


Program At-A-Glance

  • 4 Courses | Total of 16 Units
  • Estimated cost: $3,000 for the full program OR $750 per course
  • Time to Complete: 6-30 months (varies by student and self-pacing)
  • Format: Online and self-paced

Computer science is foundational for today’s students -- help your students get the preparation they need!  Multiple and single subject teachers can prepare to integrate computer science into their classrooms and (at the high school level) teach Advanced Placement Computer Science courses.  Expanding computer science education to all students, including those of varied backgrounds, increases opportunities for social mobility and access to many high-paying jobs.  

Start any time in any of the four self-paced online courses.  Learn the computing content, computer science-specific pedagogy, and practices to support equitable classrooms. The program is flexibly designed to serve both teachers with no prior computer science experience and to advance the instructional practices of those with computer science teaching experience. Succeed even without prior experience through hands-on learning experiences, not lecture. 

This program is designed to meet the needs and schedules of in-service teachers, active administrators, and busy students. Work at your own pace to prepare and refine your teaching, by using tools that can be employed in your classroom.

This Program is Designed For:

  • In-service or pre-service teachers looking to earn their Supplementary Authorization in Computer Science (Introductory or Specific)
  • Existing or aspiring K-12 teachers, who are looking to integrate computer science into their classrooms or teach Advanced Placement Computer Science courses
  • Computing teachers who want to update content knowledge and expand their skills and resources both for their classroom and to champion their local computing education community
  • ​Those looking to access growing job opportunities for computer science teachers in public, private or charter schools
  • Parents looking to support their students in integrating computer science thinking into their overall learning experience
  • ​Those with some computer science background investigating whether teaching in a private or charter school may be right for them
  • College students who want a better understanding of computer science; perhaps by tutoring  — one of the best ways to learn is through teaching 

What you will learn:
(skills, techniques, and tools and how they might be applied)

  • Learn core computational thinking skills in ways that help develop skills for teaching concepts to students.   
  • ​Learn to teach block-based programming languages that might be used in Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles.  
  • Explore and experience resources you can use for teaching impacts of computing on society. 
  • ​Prepare to teach Advanced Placement Computer Science A using CS Awesome (a free, online, interactive textbook) both as a learning tool and as preparation for use in your classroom.  
  • Create resources to support teaching (lesson plans, recruitment and equity materials, etc.).  
  • ​Learn about common challenges students have with programming and techniques to increase student success.

California Supplementary Authorization


This program satisfies the California Supplementary Authorization for Computer Science Education (Introductory and Specific) and may satisfy other states' standards.

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