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Gain a Solid Foundation in the Tools and Techniques of Copyediting


Copyediting, also known as copy editing—especially nonfiction editing—is one of today's most marketable skills for freelance work. In today's economy, creating a career with flexibility and mobility appeals to many people. Copy editors are the bridge between writers, publishers, and readers. They review, refine, and correct a variety of written material that appears in print or onscreen, such as marketing brochures, blogs, manuals, reports, feature articles, catalogs, and books. Copy editors who have a specialized background (such as science, technical, medical, finance and marketing) or proficiency with digital media are particularly in demand. Still, you do not need prior experience in these fields to complete this certificate successfully.



100% Online

In-class options not available.

Est. Cost



Cost is an estimate and includes course fees and books for the entire program.



12 months

Varies by student and courses taken per quarter.

Our program provides a solid understanding of the tools and techniques of copy editing and introduces several topics required to make copyediting a career. Every lesson offers practical skills and information you can use immediately. The program can be completed online in 12 months. The courses are asynchronous but not self-paced; you will be required to keep up with weekly assignments. The average student spends three hours online and six hours offline per course each week.

What You Will Learn:

  • Grammar review and effective levels of editing to improve clarity and readability, including web copy and all elements of a manuscript.
  • Different types of editor roles and the various style guides used in the industry (the program uses the Chicago Manual of Style).
  • Review of standard copyediting symbols, spelling, grammar, and punctuation rules.
  • Editorial processes, using style sheets and editing with Microsoft Word.
  • Fact-checking, active/passive voice and editing for logic, sexism, and plagiarism.
  • Querying and best practices for fostering the author-editor relationship.
  • Style sheets, legal considerations, bias in language, and editing graphic elements.
  • Career-related information, such as career paths, jobs and training, and the basics of freelance editing.

This Program Is Designed For:

  • Those who are interested in starting a new copy editing career.
  • Those working in existing copyediting or fact-checking roles who would like to advance their skills and expand their career opportunities.
  • Those who wish to edit technical copy, or who work at book publishers and magazines
  • Anyone who produces content for websites and marketing/communications departments at corporations.

For detailed information, please enroll in the online on-demand Copyediting Program Information Session. Questions about our classes or certificates? Contact our department at 858-534-5760 or


There will be a $95 fee upon acceptance into the program

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There will be a $95 fee upon
acceptance into the program