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Knowing how to safely work in the kitchen and create great food is a multi-faceted skill: it’s a science, an art, encompasses elements of nutrition, can reflect culture, and ultimately is a form of personal expression. When food is prepared in a fun and responsible way, the benefits of having an inspired junior chef in the house are priceless. In this class, students learn the importance of kitchen safety, cleanliness, food choices, and experience the hands on fun of playing with their food in the presentation phase. Students learn about nutrition, organic and locally sourced foods and are introduced to basic culinary vocabulary. We learn what it means for people with specific dietary trends/styles/restrictions such as: eating vegan, paleo, gluten or lactose free, and being mindful of people with severe allergies. We conduct experiments to figure out if the old ‘taste bud map’ is real, or a myth.

Note: This class is designed for high school students, and is designed to inspire young women to pursue careers in STE[+a]M.

Course Number: CHEM-90004
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)