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Learn to create digital illustrations and designs using Adobe Photoshop and the Wacom Intuos drawing tablet. The Intuos pen tablet combines Wacom’s finest pen capabilities with intuitive multi-touch gestures and gives you the precision and control you demand when using professional software and time-savers to speed your workflow. It's a versatile, unique, and fun tool that allows designers and enthusiasts to be creative in all new ways. In this course, students will learn how to use a digital stylus to create drawings, illustrations, and designs, how to navigate using the Intuos tablet, shortcuts, and more.

Note: Students will work in a PC lab with Adobe software, but must possess their own Wacom Intuos drawing tablets. Used and/or affordable tablets can be found online on eBay, Amazon, or the Wacom website. Depending on tablet size and model, prices range between $40-$500. Instructor recommends Intuos 3 or Intuos 4 models.

Course Number: ART-40651
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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