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About the Front End Development Program

Note: During this trying time, UC San Diego Extension remains committed to helping you achieve your goals. Because this program is in an entirely online format, no changes have been necessary. Our classes will continue to run as scheduled.

Front End Development Certificate

Web development has evolved significantly over time to include highly complex and interactive websites and applications with various services and functionality. Because of the complexity of most websites, the development work has been divided between two types of functions which have generated two types of professionals: front-end and back-end developers.

The Front-end developer is the bridge connecting the designer and Back-end developer. The developer’s work is to take the final designs of an application from the designer, and code it into the front-end code so the Back-end developer can understand it and build functionality around it.

The Front-end Development program teaches students how to create websites and applications. Students will learn how to develop sites using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. This program will be beneficial to web developers who are building applications that interact with the client-side and require input from the end user. In addition, web designers who need to understand HTML, CSS and JavaScript to implement their graphical designs will also benefit from this program.

Learning Objectives
  • Develop responsive sites and applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Utilize the essential concepts of project management as they apply to web development
  • Develop a high quality portfolio to present to potential employers
  • Apply best coding practices and learnto code for performance using: sprites, caching and other modern tools of the trade

Starting in Winter Quarter 2021, we will be offering a newly realigned Specialized Certificate in Front End Development. The new course offerings are current and relevant. The updated format now includes two elective tracks for Front End Engineers and Front End Designers. Building on the information from the core courses, these new elective options will provide for a robust and effective program.The modifications made reflect feedback from our Advisory Board which includes industry experts, as well as market research, and input from instructors and students.

If you are a student who joined the Specialized Certificate in Front End Development prior to 10/23/20, you may continue to follow the previous program requirements or follow the new requirements if you would like. Please contact with any questions.

  • Hands-on comprehensive training designed to immerse you in the skills needed to successfully get started or advance your career
  • Developed and taught by industry professionals
  • Immediately applicable skills
  • According to Burning Glass Technologies, employment projections for web developers between 2018 to 2028 show a growth of 20.9% nationwide and 19.2% in San Diego County.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wages for web developers in 2018 was $69,430 per year nationwide and the mean wages was $86,160 in California.
Format: Online

Estimated Cost: $3,590

Cost may vary due to elective course selection.

Duration: 15 months

Varies by student due to number courses taken per quarter.

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Delivery Method
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  • Live Online
  • In-Person
  • Online
  • Hybrid
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  • Number of courses: 3 Required Courses, 2 Elective
  • Total Units: 15

Required Courses

Introduction to Front End TechnologiesCSE-41318

Units: 3.00


Introduction to Front End TechnologiesStudents will gain a high-level introduction to logic principles required for successful web programing and development, including an overview of different techno...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered:

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Introduction to HTML and CSSCSE-41207

Units: 3.00


Introduction to HTML and CSSThis course introduces students to HTML5, the primary markup language for the World Wide Web and its modern style language, cascading style sheets (CSS). Students learn the...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered:

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Introduction to JavaScriptCSE-41208

Units: 3.00


Introduction to JavaScriptWelcome to Introduction to JavaScript.JavaScript is the most the popular scripting language on the web. Here we will get learn how to do basic programming with JavaScript. We...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered:

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer


6 Units required. Choose 2 courses from one track below (either two courses from Front End Engineer track OR two courses from Front End Designer track)

Front End Engineer

Advanced HTML and CSSCSE-41319

Units: 3.00


Advanced HTML and CSSThis course provides more depth on the study of HTML and CSS required for mastering modern performant web page layout. HTML topics will address proper use of semantic style marku...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered:

Fall, Spring

Applied JavaScript ICSE-40591

Units: 3.00


Applied JavaScriptThis course continues the study of modern JavaScript applying modern constructs such as native modules and object patterns to help bring the structure required for single page web ap...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered:

Winter, Summer

Front End Designer

User Interface DesignART-40535

Units: 3.00


Gain a strong understanding of user interface design so you can begin to learn how to be an interactive designer or enhance your design skills. This graphic and web design training course covers refer...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered:

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Principles of User Experience (UX)ART-40638

Units: 4.00


The field of user Experience (UX) Design is ever evolving-- and with this evolution comes new design tools, techniques and strategies. As the first course of the UX Design Certificate, Principles of U...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered:

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Front End Web Development PortfolioCSE-41210

Units: 3.00


Front End Web Development PortfolioThis capstone course, serves as the culminating and integrative experience of the courses offered in the Front End Web Development certificate program. Students wil...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered:

Winter, Summer

Content Management SystemART-40719

Units: 3.00


Develop the skills necessary to design and launch websites using content management system (CMS) platform. Adhering to the contemporary best practices of web design, and using top software such as Wor...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered:

Winter, Spring

Other courses of interest

Not required for certificate

Web AnalyticsCSE-41132

Units: 3.00


Web analytics collect and represent internet data from your website. It tracks on-line visitors and their activities: referral sources, keywords, time on site, conversion rate there are tons of metr...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered:

Fall, Spring

User Experience (UX) MetricsCSE-41260

Units: 3.00


Become a data-driven rock star with this UX Metrics course The course introduces a comprehensive set of UX metrics. It takes a very practical approach with the emphasis of the analysis being directly ...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered:

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

EDC Preferred Provider

The San Diego Regional EDC's Advancing San Diego program is designed to address talent shortages in STEM positions. Students of our program will be eligible for fully-funded internships at San Diego small companies. Learn more about the program by visiting

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San Diego Workforce Partnership

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The San Diego Workforce Partnership's Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a new and innovative option to finance your education. UC San Diego Extension proudly serves as the educational partner, deepening our commitment to serving critical lifelong learning and skill development, particularly to underrepresented individuals in the tech community.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Soft Skills available to students for their professional development under this program?

To advance in today’s competitive job market, in addition to your technical skills, employers are seeking candidates who possess soft skills including self-awareness, communication skills, team building, EQ, Leadership and Management etc. Our Corporate and Community Relations team offers a wide array of workshops, webinars, and executive programs designed to develop strong professional skills applicable across all industries. Participants will be able to implement the skills learned immediately upon completion of their training. 

To get more detail on what they have to offer, we encourage you to visit our Leadership and Management Essentials webpage.

How do I apply to the certificate program?

STEP 1: If you have a My Extension student account, skip to Step 2. If you do not have a My Extension account, go to, click “Create an account” on the right side of the page, and follow the instructions to create an account. Once you have a My Extension account, continue to Step 2. 

STEP 2: Click on the “Apply Now” button on the certificate page. Complete the required fields on the application. Then click the “Save” button. Once you have saved the application, the “Submit” button will appear. Click the “Submit” button 

to submit your application for review and consideration. Once submitted, your application cannot be changed. You can track the progress of your application at My Extension.

Is there an application fee for the certificate program?

Current application or certificate enrollment fees, if any, are listed under the “Apply Now” button on the certificate page on our website.

Can I register for the certificate program at any time?

Yes, you may enroll in the program at any time. However, it is recommended that you enroll as soon as possible. The program curriculum may be updated at any time; if certificate requirements change, you must adhere to the curriculum at the time of your enrollment into the certificate. Enrolling in the certificate also gives you access to quarterly, personalized enrollment reminders from the program manager.

Can this certificate program be completed entirely online?

Yes! This program is designed for you to take it online in the convenience of your own home or office. All assignments, tests, and quizzes can be completed online and submitted through our Learning Management System. Our online course are asynchronous, you can login and complete your work 24/7. Typically, each instructor has weekly lectures (audio recorded and posted on the website along with a powerpoint presentation), readings, projects, assignments and discussion board topics that need to be completed by certain due dates.

How long do I have to complete the certificate?

You officially have five years from when you begin taking courses in the program to complete all requirements for the certificate.

If I already have the skills taught in one of the courses, can I skip that course?

If you have taken a course from an accredited university covering the learning objectives of a program course, you may be able to transfer your previous coursework to Extension. If you have not taken a course elsewhere, but already have the skills covered in a course, you may be able to substitute an alternate Extension course in its place. Please contact the program representative at or 858-534-1566 for more information.

Is this certificate program open to non-California residents?

Yes, the program is open to non-California residents, including non-US residents. The tuition is the same for all students. If you have questions about how enrolling in courses may or may not affect your visa status, please contact our International Department at or (858) 534-6784.

If I work full-time, will I still be able to complete this program?

Yes. Our programs are designed to be working-student friendly and most of our students are working professionals. The courses vary between two and three units, which amount to approximately 18-20 hours of class time for a two unit course and 27-30 hours of class time for a three unit course.

Is the program accredited?

UC San Diego is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). UC San Diego Extension — like all other UC San Diego schools, colleges, and departments — is accredited by WASC through the University. All courses and certificate programs offered by UC San Diego Extension have been developed and are administered in accordance with Extension policy and the regulations of the Academic Senate of the University of California.

How do I get my certificate once I have completed the requirements?

When you have paid your certificate fee and successfully completed all program requirements, you will need to request an audit by Student Services. To request an audit: 

• In your My Extension account, click on “My Courses.” 

• On the right side of the page under “My Certificates,” click on the name of the certificate. 

• On the right side of the page under “Tools,” click on “Request Certificate Audit.” 

• Complete and submit the form that appears. 


Once you have formally submitted your audit request, your certificate will be mailed to the address we have on file for you within ten business days.

Do you provide job or internship placement?

No, we do not currently offer job placement assistance, internships, or career services assistance.

Is financial aid available?


UCSD Extension offers continuing education loans through UC Approved Lenders. Each institution offers low competitive interest rates and flexible payment options. You are also encouraged to contact your personal financial institution about possible lending solutions. Direct links to UC Approved Lenders can be found on our website’s Financial Resources page. 

• The Employment Development Department (EDD) provides a comprehensive range of employment and training services in partnership with state and local agencies/organizations. More information is available on their website at 

• Career Centers Located throughout San Diego County offer their communities comprehensive employment and training services benefiting both business and job seekers. More information is available on their website at 

• Please click here for information about Veteran’s Benefits. 

• Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) funds are limited to degree programs only, and cannot be used for courses or certificate fees at UCSD Extension. 

Advisory Board

William Griswold, Ph.D

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

UC San Diego

Edwin Lap

Founder and CEO

Cofa Media Inc.

Norman McEntire


Servin Corporation

Thomas Powell

Founder & President,

UC San Diego Lecturer

Donna Sandsmark


NetSuite Consulting

Kristian Secor

Mesa College Adjunct Faculty

UC San Diego Extension Instructor

Bret Stateham

Developer Evangelist


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This certificate requires an application before taking any courses. There will be a $0 fee to apply to this program. Students will also be required to pay a $95 certificate fee upon enrollment into the program after acceptance. View the complete Certificate Registration and Candidacy Guidelines.