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Choosing the right college or career pathway is not an easy decision. The UC San Diego Extension Futures programs enable students to fulfill their passions, explore new interests and gain hands-on experience before they enter the workforce or apply for college. Each program is designed specifically for high school students. The cutting-edge coursework is taught by leading industry experts in high demand fields. All programs culminate in an Award of Completion issued by UC San Diego Extension for use on college applications and resumes.

Shape your future today in the areas of Computer Science, Business Management, Design and Life Sciences.

Scholarship opportunities are available for all Futures programs on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply here.

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Business Management for High Schoolers

Business Management

Grades: 9-12

Format: Online, Live Online

Status: Enrolling Now

In this program, high school students develop a practical understanding of business management from policy creation to aligning resource allocation with institutional objectives.

  Front End Web Development for High Schoolers

Front End Web Development

Grades: 9-12

Format: Online, Live Online

Status: Enrolling Now

Throughought this program high school students will learn how to develop engaging websites and applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery.

  iOS programming for high schoolers

iOS Programming

Grades: 9-12

Format: Online, Live Online

Status: Enrolling Now

Throughout this program, high school students become proficient in iOS, a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for use with its hardware, including iPhone, iPad, and more.

  Life sciences research for high schoolers

Life Sciences Research

Grades: 9-12

Format: In Lab

Status: Not Currently Enrolling

This program affords students opportunities to become immersed in the life sciences, undertaking a unique applied research project in biodiversity and neurobiology and/or molecular biology.

AutoCAD for High Schoolers


Grades: 9-12

Format: Online

Status: Enrolling Now

Start at the very beginning of computer aided design (CAD), and use AutoCAD to draft CAD symbols, kitchen and bath fixtures, and then create a floor plan.

Group of high school students

About Futures

The UC San Diego Extension Futures initiative gives high school students the opportunity to explore career and college pathways through programs that offer practical and applied learning in high demand fields. Our courses and programs not only provide students with real-world skills and personal development, but also with opportunities for internships, professional employment, and educational advancement. In addition, parents/guardians have the opportunity to take these courses alongside their students, strengthening the sense of community and pride within the family unit. These programs are specifically designed for high school students and adhere to the same rigor and standard of excellence upheld by the University.

Hear from Our Students

“By the end of the course, we turned the portfolio into a full-fledged website that we can share with employers”

Adrian Sandoval, HTHS Front-End Web Development Read full story »

“The classes start from the bottom – they teach you everything you need to know”

Yusuf Morsi, PHHS Front End Web Development Read full story »

“It gives a huge advantage to learn science first-hand rather than out of a textbook”

Dagny Whall, LJHS Life Sciences Read full story »

“Having this experience is going to help me get into computer science and move through it easily,”

Maya Rosenbaum, CCA iOS Programming Read full story »

“If I were to go into web development, having these Futures classes has given me a strong basis to start on.”

Mika Okamoto, CCA Front-End Web Development Read full story »

“My favorite thing about the classes is getting to use the computers to create things,“ he says. “I can actually show my creativity and show what I can put out into the world.”

Miles Buhain, MHS Front-End Web Development Read full story »

“We weren’t just learning facts from a textbook. We were doing the same procedures as the instructors.”

Dmytro “Dima” Ilnystkyy, PHS Boz Life Science Research and Teaching Institute Read full story »

“When I heard the name of the course, a light went on because it was exactly what I was looking for”

Cassandra Priebe, WHS Front End Web Development Read full story »

“I feel like a real scientist in the classes, especially since we are in an actual lab”

Cristina Perez, PHHS Boz Life Science Research and Teaching Institute Read full story »

“I want to become a computer science major in college, and I saw this and I thought it would help me with future classes.”

Elaine Fan, WVHS Android Programming Read full story »

“I will for sure be using what I have learned to make a better portfolio when I’m applying to colleges.”

Catalina Arreola Armenta, UCHS Front End Web Development Specialized Certificate Read full story »

“I’ve always been interested in programming,” she says. “By taking both classes, I can make apps that will work for more people.”

Cindy Feldman, Canyon Crest Program your Future Read full story »

"It’s a very good hands-on experience, and it helps you think about problems that could be solved with programming."

Roel Torralba, ORHS iOS Programming Specialized Certificate Read full story »

“I know that coding is a big part of our future,”

Michelle Sen, HTH Front End Web Development Specialized Certificate Read full story »

“I am interested in the development of apps, and I thought this would help me make my skills stronger.”

Kimberly Cruz, PHHS iOS Programming Specialized Certificate Read full story »

"Both of the classes were initially to explore career options. Taken them has widened my perspective on my career options and college options."

Jennifer Overklift, CHS iOS Programming Specialized Certificate and Business Management Course Read full story »


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About the Department of Education and Community Outreach (ECO)

The Department of Education and Community Outreach offers a uniquely holistic and service-based approach to education, incorporating opportunities for students in PreK- postsecondary; parents; teachers and school personnel; community members; and adults over the age of 50. ECO attends to the needs of over 30,000 learners per annum in contextually grounded, dynamic and personalized ways, employing face-to-face, blended and online formats. Beyond courses, certificates and programs leading to professional licensure, ECO works with communities across the globe to cultivate capacity and to serve as catalysts for transformation.

ECO serves as home to a host of cutting-edge programs and initiatives aligned with the needs of education and industry, including Sally Ride Science, the Futures initiative, and the University of California Professional Development Institute (UCPDI), a system-wide applied research organization. ECO partners with schools, districts and postsecondary institutions across the United States in support of developing avenues for enhanced access, equity and inclusion in education. ECO also works cooperatively public libraries, YMCAs and other community-based organizations to bring to them the best of what the University of California has to offer.