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Continue to develop your skills and build a firm technical and musical foundation on the guitar. Learn the relaxed right- and left-hand technique that can take your performance to the next level. Practice finger-gymnastic exercises for both hands to build hand strength and agility. Study an array of chords in every major and minor key, and learn note reading in the higher positions on the guitar neck, as well as some basic figurations and arpeggios. Take part in simple duets and ensemble pieces with your fellow classmates. Designed for students who already have guitar skills and can read simple music.

FOR SPRING QUARTER 2020 In order to accommodate our students and continue to provide an enriched learning experience during the COVID-19 mandate, we have adapted this course to be taught remotely via Zoom for the scheduled class meeting times.
Questions? Email the Program Manager, Natalie Johnson, at

Prerequisite:  Guitar I (MUS-40032) or equivalent experience. Bring acoustic guitar (preferably nylon strings) and course textbook to class.

Course Number: MUS-40036
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)

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