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This course will cover key concepts of financial modeling, including the purpose, inputs, design, and interpretation of core models, particularly as they relate to the healthcare industry. Heavy emphasis will be placed on understanding spreadsheet concepts, the interactive nature of modelling, scenario planning, and forecasting best practices.

Microsoft Excel will be utilized for model development and students will explore the software tool’s primary financial functions and capabilities.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will obtain a broad understanding of Excel’s capabilities as they relate to financial analysis, modeling, and predictive analytics by learning key formulas, shortcuts, commands, and mathematical principles. The course will provide hands-on experience building models such as 3 statement model, discounted cash flow, comparative company analysis, and merger & acquisition and provide students with the skills to develop educated projections using sensitivity analyses. Students will also learn to interpret materials for presentation purposes.


Introductory education in financial and accounting principles is required, preferably with some understanding of healthcare environments. In particular, students should have experience reviewing and analyzing accounting statements (income statements, balance sheets, and statements of cash flow) and breakeven analyses.

Students must also have an intermediate understanding of Microsoft Excel.

Course Number: BUSA-40963
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)
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