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1. Politics and Public Policy of American Healthcare – 1 Week Immersion course in Washington, D.C. The class travels to Washington D.C. for a week and meets with the law-makers and those involved in the healthcare field who have an impact on policy making.

2. Healthcare Leadership & Political Advocacy– Course includes 1 day in Sacramento. Within the context of healthcare advocacy, the course examines the organizational and individual issues that impact success in promoting and advocating for a healthcare agenda. The course aims to provide clarity to that process and assist students with understanding how to navigate the political landscape. Students learn about the legislative process, lobbying, the impact of political campaigns, the involvement of the media and how healthcare economics impact politics.

3. Policy Writing Workshop. This course provides specialized training in the tools, strategies, and processes of how to publish in the peer review.

4. Global Health Business and Innovation. Learn about how new business and innovation models can transform the most pressing global health challenges of our time. The class will explore a range of interdisciplinary topics from digital health and vaccine delivery to social entrepreneurship and corporate strategy. It will also examine global health ventures and frameworks that highlight how profit with a purpose is the future of sustainable development.

5. Global Pharmaceutical Policy: A Multisectoral Perspective. This course is designed for students who are interested in probing pharmaceutical public policy issues at the global and national levels. During this class, we will explore the interrelationship between global and domestic pharmaceutical policy, and study how pharmaceutical policy matters for different interest groups. Students will also be expected to complete a separate online/skype advising session with the professor.

Note: for master's students enrolled in Health Policy and Law program ONLY. For more information please visit the program website: hlaw.ucsd.edu

Course Number: HLAW-212
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)