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Design and Build Circuits with Makey Makey


Understanding electronics is a key to many of the careers of the future. Get a fun, hands-on introduction to electronic components by creating crazy circuits combining Makey Makey circuit boards with everything from fruits and vegetables to Play-Doh and coins.

We will begin by looking at different kinds of circuits and how we use them in everyday life. Students
will learn to recognize and use the symbols found in electrical diagrams. They will experiment with
switches, conductors and insulators as they build a simple electric motor. Students will also design and
build a working game controller out of paper or cardboard. Then they will use Makey Makey circuit
boards as a base for a video game project. We will also take a look at careers such as electrical
engineering to inspire students to continue with studies in the field.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain an understanding of circuits, including open and closed circuits and series and parallel circuits
  • Become familiar with electronic terms and symbols used in electrical diagrams
  • Create a simple circuit to light a lightbulb
  • Learn about conductors and insulators and experiment with extending circuits using non- standard items
  • Gain an understanding of voltage and resistance
  • Make a paper clip switch and test for conductors and insulators
  • Build a simple electric motor
  • Learn how to use Makey Makey components to build circuits
  • Design and build a paper or cardboard controller
  • Complete a video game project by combining Makey Makey circuit boards with a variety of components
  • Learn about careers in electronics and electrical engineering

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Course Number: ECE-90005
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)

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