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Explore the Ancient Music of Indonesian Gamelan


Step into another time and place by learning to play and appreciate the ancient music of the Indonesian Gamelan, a traditional ensemble made up mostly of bronze instruments played with mallets.

Students will learn to play these instruments from West Java and to perform musical pieces as an ensemble. Gamelan music, long associated with royalty, typically accompanies traditional dance, puppet shows and important events in court life. In addition to learning to play the instruments, we will explore cultural concepts and history surrounding Gamelan. The class will conclude with a performance that friends and family are invited to attend.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about different kinds of instruments from West Java
  • Become familiar with the history of Gamelan ensembles
  • Practice playing techniques for a variety of Gamelan instruments
  • Learn how to conduct a Gamelan ensemble
  • Get an introduction to basic musical terms such as melody, rhythm, tempo and texture
  • Explore the traditional uses of Gamelan music for dances and puppet shows
  • Perform Gamelan music for family and friends

Note: During the first week of Junior Academy, this class is shortened to four days because of the Fourth of July holiday. 

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Course Number: MUS-90010
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)

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