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Note: During this trying time, UC San Diego Extension remains committed to helping you achieve your goals. Because this program is in an entirely online format, no changes have been necessary. Our classes will continue to run as scheduled.

Mobile programming is part of a segmented portion of technology that’s filled with innovations constantly evolving at unprecedented rates – even for technology. Such advancement requires precision-based specialty training in iOS programming languages.

The iOS Programming Specialized Certificate was developed by an advisory board of successful industry leaders with the goal to offer students new to programming and those familiar with programming languages the opportunity to apply such knowledge to the area of mobile software application development. This certificate is geared towards beginners in the app development field as well as the professional software developers hoping to gain specialized skills in iOS programming while using Apple Curriculum.

Students will gain new skills necessary to program applications that run natively on mobile devices specific to iOS for Apple based technology, including a step-by-step instruction that will detail processes required to program apps optimized for different screen sizes, the Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Coursework is designed to help professionals master SQLite Database Access, Core Data, iCloud, Advanced Networking tools and functions within iOS app development. Advanced learning opportunities will demonstrate how the Swift programming language can call into existing Objective-C code, the original language used for writing iOS apps, as well as Xcode IDE, the center of Apple development, which will teach students how to build, design, code, debug and troubleshoot iOS applications.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn the Swift programming language while using the Xcode IDE and Playgrounds
  • Master iOS programming skills for user interface design, app navigation and workflow, and data persistence
  • Hands-on experience with iOS Frameworks such as UIKit and Foundation
Key Program Topics
  • Swift programming fundamentals and concepts with Xcode
  • App design and navigation with UI components, view controllers, and storyboards
  • Application state and data persistence
  • Overall development process of an iOS application
Program Benefits
  • Curriculum based on Apple Curriculum developed in partnership with IBM and SAP
  • Hands-on training with tools and methodologies used in iOS app development
  • Immediately applicable skills- Students will be able to build their own iOS apps
  • Taught by leading industry practitioners
  • Industry-recognized certification for students who complete all 4 of the iOS Programming courses, as specified below: 
Who will benefit
  • Beginners looking to learn programming skills using the Swift programming language
  • Developers interested in obtaining specialized knowledge in iOS programming
  • Career Changers planning to join the job force as an iOS Developer
The App Development with Swift Certification

The App Development with Swift Certification is an industry-recognized certification granted through Certiport. Obtaining this certification will validate your foundational skills with Swift, Xcode, and app development tools. Upon successfully passing this exam, you will earn a digital badge that you may add to your Linkedin profile as well as your resume. 

In order to sit for the exam, you will need to complete all 4 of the iOS Programming courses:

  • Introduction to Swift Programming
  • iOS Programming I
  • iOS Programming II
  • iOS App Production

This exam will be scheduled a few times a year.



There will be a $95 fee upon acceptance into the program

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There will be a $95 fee upon
acceptance into the program