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The geographically small island nation of Japan, once an isolated feudal country, has opened itself up to the world in recent years. The result has been a sophisticated fusion of East and West. A traveler will encounter corporate style high rises and temple shrines, Onsen (Japanese hot baths) and American burger joints—but a world still distinctly Japanese. Vital to understanding this fascinating, complicated terrain is the Japanese language. A tongue with a diverse array of influences, Japanese is at the same time, like the country itself, something uniquely its own. This course includes an introduction to action verbs and the phonetic syllabary called hiragana. It also focuses on greetings, numbers, dates, currency, and the fundamental structures using basic verbs. Textbook chapters 1-7 (plus a portion of chapter 10).

Course Number: LAJA-40000
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)

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