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Metabolic Engineering for Industrial Biotechnology

This two-day course will focus on metabolic engineering as applied to high volume/low cost chemicals and materials and the unique choices and approaches that attend work in this area. A world class group of instructors from academia and industry will cover the agenda in an interactive format with case studies throughout. 
Program Objectives:

  • Gain an appreciation of the distinctive features of applying biotechnology and metabolic engineering in large scale, industrial projects.
  • Survey the tools used in industrial biotechnology, and learn how systems approaches – in both biology and engineering – interact to define and provide direction for experimentation.
  • Develop an historical perspective on the field, and a practical perspective gleaned from exposure to both successful and unsuccessful endeavors.
  • Through case studies, understand the interplay between biology, engineering, and economic requirements, and how both theoretical and empirical approaches are used to move projects forward.
Who should attend? 
  • At-the-bench metabolic engineers and individuals considering entering this area
  • Fermentation scientists, engineers, biochemists, bioinformaticians, and others who interact and work with metabolic engineering teams
  • Management personnel seeking to understand the unique context of industrial biotechnological projects
Speakers Include:
  • Ben Griffin, Ph.D., Program Director & Director, Genomatica
  • Michael Japs, Senior Director, Process Development, Genomatica
  • Harish Nagarajan, Senior R&D Manager, Sytems Biology & Bioinformatics, Genomatica
  • Nicky Caiazza Ph.D, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Cellibre
  • Bernhard Palsson, Ph.D., Professor, UC San Diego and CEO, Novo Nordisk Center for Biosustainability
  • Adam Feist, Ph.D., Project Scientist, UC San Diego and Senior Scientist, Technical University of Denmark
  • Kirsten Benjamin, Ph.D., Vice President, R&D, Amyris
  • Pirkko Suominen, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President, Cargill
  • Richard Fox, Executive Director, Data Science at Inscripta, Inc.
  • Fernando Valle, Biology Advisor, BP
This workshop is offered in conjuction with Microbial Fermentation during the August 2019 Industrial Biotechnology Workshop week. For more information, please contact Teresa Grosch at unexbio@ucsd.edu or (858) 534-6648.

Course Number: BIOL-80005
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)