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Developed in partnership with UC San Diego's Division of Biological Sciences, this 3-day workshop is designed to provide a deep dive into bioreactor principles and bioprocess development. You will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to design, develop, optimize, control, scale-up, analyze, and troubleshoot your fermentation processes. Five case studies allow attendees to practice what they have learned. A “Fermentation Firing Line” provides a lively, open ended forum for attendees to pose questions to the instructional team on any fermentation-related subject.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand the biological principles behind microbial metabolism, growth, and genetic modification

  • Review the principles behind bioreactor design, operation, monitoring control, and scale up

  • Learn how to improve fermentation performance through statistical design and analysis of experiments

  • Learn a structured approach to downstream bioprocess design

  • Learn how to carry out economic analysis of bioprocess operating and capital costs

  • Solve real-world, industrial fermentation problems

Who Should Attend?
The workshop is intended for scientific, engineering, and business professionals with some prior fermentation-related experience.


  • Jeff Lievense, Ph.D., Senior Advisor to the CEO, Bioengineering & Technology, Genomatica
  • Rachel Dutton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology, UC San Diego
  • Jon Hansen, Ph.D., Sr. Technical Director, DSM
  • Tim Dodge, M.S., Sr. Staff Scientist, DuPont
  • Michael Japs, Director, Commercial Technology Development, Genomatica
  • Jason Ryder, Ph.D., VP Process R&D, Hampton Creek
This workshop is offered in conjuction with Metabolic Engineering for Industrial Biotech during the August 2017 Industrial Biotechnology Workshop week. For more information, please contact Felicia Murray at unexbio@ucsd.edu or (858) 534-9353.

Course Number: BIOL-40281
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)