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Technology can help you to effectively manage your next project. In the foundational project management course, you examined the fundamentals of basic planning techniques, including the development of project scope, scheduling and cost baseline. Now, explore the capabilities of Microsoft Project (MSP) 2016 as a tool to better help you plan, schedule, control, analyze and track your project. Go beyond the basics and use the scheduling software to practice the skills you are learning with a real-life case study. Effectively develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) through employment of the scheduling tool to plan, assign resources to tasks, track progress, manage the budget and analyze workloads.

Immediate skills you will take away include:

  • Navigate within the various MSP views
  • Enter and manipulate task, resource and cost data
  • Edit task predecessor relationships and display a project’s critical path
  • Develop a project charter and WBS and use these documents as inputs to MSP files
  • Edit and export the MSP Timeline for presentations
  • Estimate project costs and schedules using a “bottom-up” methodology
  • Understand the types of project resources and use MSP functionality to minimize resource over allocation
  • Use standard MSP calendars and create custom calendars
  • Track and control projects with an emphasis on variance analysis
  • Become familiar with MSP tables and understand the implications for project analysis
  • Run MSP 2016 canned reports and collaborate features
  • Incorporate various techniques to customize the MSP interface for PM best practices and your own working preferences
  • Apply MSP to multiple project management frameworks (e.g., PMBOK, Agile, Six Sigma DMAIC)

When the course begins, students will provided access to download MSP 2016 for the duration of the course.

The material is only applicable to those who use at least MSP version 2013.

Note: Due to the advanced nature of this course, you must have successfully completed one of the Project Management foundational courses prior to enrollment. In addition, if you do not possess a basic level of project management work experience, it is strongly recommended that you first take Project Planning and Scheduling. In addition to the aforementioned requirements, if students have not yet completed their baccalaureate degrees, they must have at least five years work experience and receive instructor approval. Please contact ProjMgtProgram@ucsd.edu to review your eligibility.


Course Number: BUSA-40904
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Project Management

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