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An advanced and comprehensive educational and clinical course as mandated by the IBLCE for certification as a Lactation Consultant. This information will allow graduates to have the educational background necessary to practice the IBCLC profession, utilize research based clinical information and techniques to promote breastfeeding as the normal process of feeding infants, prepare lactation consultants to triage and formulate plans of care for difficult breastfeeding situation, give the clinical basics for the profession and to prepare students to pass the IBLCE exam for certification as an IBCLC. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to apply advanced knowledge to the triage and problem management of the breastfeeding situation to meet the needs of the newborn and the family. This course is a hybrid online course that consists of lectures by world renown experts, clinical of 300 hours and monthly live webinars with students and instructor. Registration is by prior approval of the department and candidates must meet the IBLCE Pathway 2 college requirements to register. To register contact unexhealthcare@ucsd.edu.

Note: By Application Only. Please visit extension.ucsd.edu/lactation to submit an application. This course is clinical and education based.

Course Number: RMED-40027
Credit: 22.00 unit(s)
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