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Security exploits and vulnerabilities are more prevalent than ever. Through penetration testing, organizations must establish robust security postures that protect assets. The assessment of an organization's information systems can assist in establishing the resilience of their security postures and highlighting their resistance to unauthorized access. Stakeholders must agree on the scope of the testing, and a report containing the collected data as well as recommended mitigation techniques must be created. CompTIA PenTest+ is the industry standard for evaluating cybersecurity professionals' competence to conduct system activities such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and management.

The first step of a penetration test involves passive information gathering: collecting data from publicly available sources, such as search engines, social media platforms, DNS servers and the target's network. There is no interaction with targets, nor do pen testers identify themselves to them.

Active information gathering, step two of a pen test, involves direct engagement with targets by interacting with them or using social engineering techniques, network scanners and pen testing tools to acquire data.

Course Highlights: 

  • Plan and scope an assessment

  • Understand legal and compliance requirements

  • Perform vulnerability scanning and penetration testing using appropriate tools and techniques

  • Analyze the results

  • Produce a written report containing proposed remediation techniques

  • Effectively communicate results to management

  • Provide practical recommendations

Course Topics:

  • Planning and Scoping

  • Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification

  • Attacks and Exploits

  • Penetration Testing Tools

  • Reporting and Communication


Prerequisites: Cybersecurity Fundamentals CSE-41363

Course Number: CSE-41360
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)