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From genomes to genetics – understanding and being able to manipulate DNA is the foundation for a large fraction of the work in industrial biofuels. This course will focus on developing the basic skill sets to work at the molecular biology bench in this growing industry. Skills taught in the course include PCR; plasmid amplification and purification; algal transformation via particle bombardment, electroporation and agrobacteria; and analysis of successful transfer of DAN via antibiotic selection, microscopy and Western blot. Designed for students who have a strong interest in biofuels and have had basic biology and an introductory biological laboratory class.

Note: This lab is a 4 week course that meets at UCSD Campus. It is offered annually during the month of July. Meetings are typically four times a week in four and a half hour blocks. Section ID and registration information is released to Genetics and Physiology of Photosynthetic Microorganisms (BIOL-40262) enrollees the April/May prior to July Labs.

Biofuel Science Certificate students will receive priority enrollment in this lab. Students that have not completed the Biofuels Certificate Application but have taken the Genetics Lecture (BIOL-40262) should email related transcript(s) (unofficial and web copies accepted) to unexbio@ucsd.edu to reserve a seat in this lab. Highlight/Circle courses that indicate college-level knowledge in:

-Introduction to Biology
-Introduction to Chemistry

Students that wish to take the lab without the preparatory lecture may contact unexbio@ucsd.edu for approval process information.

Course Number: BIOL-40265
Credit: 4.00 unit(s)