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Conduct your next experiment on the International Space Station.


The Space Tango 4-week program is a rare opportunity for high school students to engage with the International Space Station (ISS).

Before uploading their experiment into space, students work on electrical circuit boards to learn electrical engineering, use the LEGO EV3 MINSTORMS programming environment to learn software programming, and explore the different ways that heat can be transferred (radiation/absorption, natural convection, forced convection, conduction) and how heat transfer works on earth.

Students then learn about space, the ISS microgravity, and explore how heat transfer would change, if at all, on the ISS. Students do this by designing, building and writing the software program using their newfound skills. They will then manage their experiment using the Quest for Space ground unit. Quest for Space then runs the students’ program on its live flight unit that resides on the ISS and sends back the data produced by the students’ code.

The program concludes with the students analyzing and comparing their ground data with their ISS data to accept or reject the hypotheses they made about heat transfer in a microgravity environment.

The first Quest Institute experiment.


Watch the HD video feed Quest Institute received back from the very first launch of their experiment platform proving for the first time a scalable experiment program can be done on the ISS.

Course Number: CSE-90022
Credit: 6.00 unit(s)