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Professionals involved in information technology and engineering know they must stay up with the latest trends to keep their careers on-track and support the technological and economic advancement of their organizations. Combining expert instruction with hands-on experience, our programs give you the opportunity to master areas like programming languages, systems administration, web development, software engineering and management, embedded engineering, systems engineering, communications engineering and more.

  • Communications Engineering

    Communications Engineering

    Combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, Extension's courses and programs in communications engineering will equip you with the latest skills.

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  • Data Storage and Management

    Data Storage and Management

    Learn to master database management and development principals.

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  • Electrical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering

    Explore courses and programs specifically developed for the electrical and mechanical engineer.

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  • Embedded Engineering

    Embedded Engineering

    Develop the essential skills to design, build and test embedded computer systems.

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  • Engineering Design

    Engineering Design

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  • Facilities Engineering and Management

    Facilities Engineering and Management

    Make effective and sustainable facilities management decisions that reduce costs while enhancing your organization’s facility and services.

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  • Healthcare Informatics

    Healthcare Informatics

    Rapidly changing technology drives advancement. Learn today’s most valuable healthcare IT skills from health information exchanges to designing medical devices.

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  • IT Operations and Management

    IT Operations and Management

    Learn how to ensure that the infrastructure and operational environments that support IT applications run effectively and efficiently.

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  • Mobile Applications Programming & Design

    Mobile Applications Programming & Design

    Learn how to develop mobile applications in the native language of the device, including iOS and Android.

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  • Professional Engineering Reviews & Advanced Studies

    Professional Engineering Reviews & Advanced Studies

    Become the licensed professional engineer that many companies are looking for.

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  • Programming and Scripting Languages

    Programming and Scripting Languages

    Develop the in-demand programming skills that employers are looking for. From C# to Java, we have the courses to help meet your career goals.

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  • System Administration, Networking and Security

    System Administration, Networking and Security

    Develop the skills and working knowledge of specific types of operating systems (including UNIX and Linux), networking technology, security and virtualization.

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  • Systems Engineering

    Systems Engineering

    Discover what it takes to optimize your engineering process and become a successful systems engineer.

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  • Web Technologies and Design

    Web Technologies and Design

    Develop the fundamental skills in website technologies and design to enhance your career, including front-end and full-stack web development.

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