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Learn the skills to convert your Integrative Nutrition knowledge into a viable business, including:

  • Overview of the Health Food Production and Personal Chef Industries
    Look at the industry from a business perspective, with a particular emphasis on the San Diego region. This includes analysis of food production, delivery, and private/personal chef businesses.

  • Leadership Skills, Interpersonal Behavior and Effective Communications with Clients and Healthcare Providers
    Through a variety of interactive elements, participants will gain self-awareness of their current level of proficiency in key skills and plan for continued development.

  • Operations Management
    Ensuring operations are efficient in the use of material and resources and effective in quality control, participants will learn about meal planning, food sourcing, inventory, recipe formulation, cost control, systems and productivity analysis and strategic planning.

  • Marketing and Distribution
    A hands-on, practical experience in integrated marketing communications and strategic marketing plan development, participants will create a positioning statement and marketing strategy and plans.

  • Financial Management
    Discover how to build all elements of a business plan; learning how basic accounting principles, marketing, operations and finance all connect.

Other Credits: BRN/RD: 10 CE hrs. BRN does not award partial credits

Course Number: FPM-40619
Credit: 1.00 unit(s)
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