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The Coding Boot Camp

With the rising demand for web development skills across industries, The Coding Boot Camp at UC San Diego Extension was designed to prepare students with the knowledge they need to tap into today’s digital economy. Students will learn front-end and back-end technologies through a dynamic curriculum that includes classroom-based learning and hands-on projects. Throughout the course, students will also explore the theory and application of web development by building a portfolio of apps that showcase their knowledge.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
•    Build a front-end website either from scratch or by utilizing a front-end framework.
•    Write functions and create objects.
•    Update webpage contents using industry-standard coding language(s).
•    Develop back-end applications.
•    Enhance apps with popular package libraries.
•    Apply “social coding” best practices including source control, issue tracking, functional feedback.
•    Work independently and in groups on complex projects throughout the entire development lifecycle.
•    Store cookies and session data in local storage.
•    Save and retrieve data with popular application development platform(s).
•    Set up, manage and query databases.
•    Create a full-stack single-page application.
•    Build session-based applications with well-known user authentication schemes.
•    Speed-up and organize back-end database queries.
•    Incorporate a document database in full-stack apps.
•    Create Android and iOS applications.
•    Understand the pros and cons of new and existing frameworks.
•    Grasp essential computer science concepts like data structures and algorithms.


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Course Number: CSE-80006
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)