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High Dynamic Range or HDR photography allows photographers to expand the dynamic range of light in their images for a very dramatic effect. Examining this popular trend, students will gain a thorough understanding of this style of image making and develop skills necessary to shoot and process their own successful HDR photos. Starting with learning how to capture images intended for HDR, you will understand how to organize and edit HDR images in both Photoshop HDR Pro and Photomatix Pro. Instruction includes illustrated lectures, critiques, discussions, demonstrations as well as hands-on assignments.

Note: Elective for Professional Certificate in Photography. Prerequisite: ART 40441 or ART 40630. Fully adjustable DSLR or prosumer digital camera, sturdy tripod, shutter release cable or built time delayed shutter release required.

Course Number: ART-40608
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)
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