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Become familiar with the principles and techniques for creating websites for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Learn the steps of the online design process: define goals, identifying the message(s) and target audience, gathering user data, creating responsive visual design and coding. The course will cover the use of Adobe Photoshop for creating web designs and saving individual images that are web-optimized. The course will also introduce students to programming logic and coding principles using Adobe Dreamweaver. Students will also receive a brief introduction to user experience (UX) principles as an integral part of the web design process.

Note: Prerequisite: Adobe Photoshop I (ART 40311) or equivalent experience with department approval. Students must be familiar with file resolution/formats for web, and saving individual images for web.

Online participants must have Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) installed on their computers. Students will be utilizing Lynda.com as a textbook reference guide. Subscription options and pricing are available at Lynda.com. Students will be required to subscribe to the premium subscription of Lynda.com for textbook access.

Course Number: ART-40677
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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