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UC San Diego Extension has partnered with community members and industry experts to offer programs to high school students specific to workforce priority sectors. Classes are taught in-person and online by industry experts on a wide range of topics including web programming, life sciences, mechanical engineering, business management, photo and video editing, biliteracy and soft skills.
Program your Future is designed for incoming 9th - 12th grade high school students.


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Earn official UC San Diego credit after completing all required coursework. Once accepted into the track of your choice, you will receive a UC San Diego Extension student account and information on how to schedule your first class. Technology and equipment is generally provided, but may vary per program.
Attendance note: Students who fail to attend first day of the program will be automatically dropped. 


Front End Web Development: Specialized program

The Front End Web Development specialized program teaches students to code websites and applications. The program is designed to produce work-ready web designers and web developers designers who build modern front-end interfaces. The course work thoroughly covers HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Android Programming: Specialized program

The Android Programming Specialized program is developed to offer students familiar with programming languages the opportunity to specialize in Android mobile software application development. You'll learn to expertly design, code, debug and troubleshoot Android applications.


iOS Programming (Swift): Specialized program

The iOS Swift specialized program teaches students to program applications that run natively on mobile devices specific to iOS for Apple based technology, including a step-by-step instruction that will detail processes required to program apps optimized for different screen sizes, the Apple Watch and Apple TV.


About Program Your Future

In order to meet the changing needs and demands of our local industry and workforce, UC San Diego Extension has partnered with community members and industry experts. We're transforming high school education through Program Your Future by making programs easily accessible to high school students. Each program will provide students the opportunity to obtain the skills required for in-demand jobs with an ultimate goal of internship and professional opportunities with a path to career and/or collegiate pursuits.
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In an increasingly competitive world, properly preparing for the rigors of collegeand the work force is critical to future success. That’s why UC San Diego Extension offers a wide-range of pre-college courses from STEAM to test prep to college credit. Extension’s goal is not only to help students stand out during the college application process but also get the most out of their education going forward.

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Student Spotlights

"Both of the classes were initially to explore career options. Taken them has widened my perspective on my career options and college options."

Jennifer Overklift, CHS iOS Programming Specialized Certificate and Business Management Course Read full story »

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