The more you know: Education department upcoming events

The Education Department is proud to announce the following events taking place this August. Should you have any questions about the events or the content of the presentations, please contact Morgan Appel, Director, Education Department at


Teaching in a Blended Learning Environment: Training Trainers and Apprentices

This presentation explores cutting-edge strategies in working with adult learners (union trainers, journeymen and apprentices) in a contextualized and highly differentiated blended/hybrid environment. National Training Institute/NJATC (Electrical Training Alliance), Ann Arbor, Michigan.

More Than a Village: Fostering Meaningful Community Engagement in 21st Century Schools

community_engagement.jpgThis session examines successful and replicable practices that cultivate ongoing community engagement in urban schools with diverse ethnic, socioeconomic and linguistic populations. Fostering authentic engagement in traditional settings and in the virtual world is discussed in detail, including effective development of community and social capital to support the work of teachers and of the school more broadly. King-Chavez Neighborhood of Schools Professional Development Conference, August 15.


Instructor/Advisory Board Meeting

To be held August 23 at the Ida and Cecil Green Faculty Club on the UC San Diego campus.

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