U-T newspaper profiles UC San Diego and 'science mecca of Torrey Mesa'

8-12-14-aerial-view-of-ucsd-campus.jpgWhat’s the history behind the growth of UC San Diego and the world-class scientific research enclave popularly known as Torrey Mesa?

That’s the theme of a remarkably comprehensive feature — titled “Science Mecca Blooms on La Jolla Mesa” — in UT San Diego’s “SD in Depth” section on Sunday, August 10.

Written and researched by staff writer Gary Robbins, the article covered nearly three full pages of the newspaper’s print edition.

In interviews with Robbins, Extension dean Mary Walshok, who has written extensively on the region’s ever-changing sociological, political trends and economic growth, provided key historical perspective and insight.

Roger Revelle: His findings become part of UC San Diego's groundbreaking work in climate change.

Select excerpts from the article:

  • “The strategy was simple: The UC system believed it could attract lots of talent to bucolic, little-known La Jolla if it seeded the new campus with a few giants. The idea worked, and not just to the benefit of UC San Diego.”

  • "A Thomson Reuters study said 45 of the world’s most influential scientists work (in Torrey Mesa). The mesa also is home to five active Nobel laureates, along with others considered to be potential winners of science’s greatest prize.”

  • "Roger Revelle, the brassy, 6-foot-4 oceanographer, blew into the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in the early 1930s as a graduate student. He boldly helped overturn scientific dogma, showing that the ocean did not absorb as much carbon dioxide from fossil fuels as widely believed. The finding became part of the institution’s groundbreaking work in climate change.”

  • "General Atomics. UC San Diego. The Salk. The pieces fell into place quickly, giving the mesa cache' and momentum. The Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, as it is known today, followed the others onto the mesa."

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