'Early adopter' teaches marketers to build their careers

Brian Hawkins was born to explore and learn, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit.

Instructor Profile: Brian Hawkins, Marketing

“I always say to my students: Try to do professionally what you loved to do when you were a child,” said Hawkins, a UC San Diego Extension instructor in marketing for the past 12 years.

Growing up in Orange County, he was the go-to guy when his buddies decided they wanted to build a backyard fort.

“I’d be the one who’d go to their parents and ask them to finance our project,” he recalled. “I got a dad who was a builder, a mom who was a designer, and other adults to help out. It was fundraising for a worthy cause.”

A self-described “early adopter,” Hawkins proudly recalls that he bought his first laptop while he was a student at the University of San Diego, several decades ago.

“Nobody else I knew had one,” he said. “My teachers wouldn’t even accept papers written on computers. They thought it was being lazy.”

Fluent in six languages with an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, he has lived and worked overseas extensively, devoted to his passions of fashion, style, pop culture, and cause marketing.

He’s also launched four business ventures, currently Pre-FAB, a workspace for creative, commercial, and cultural-style leaders located in downtown San Diego’s new shopping district called The Headquarters.

“I love to explore and learn, then share my knowledge,” said Hawkins. “I share them in such a way that it helps my students and my clients build their careers and their businesses.”

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