Yuseff Cherney on KPBS-TV: 'It’s like the farm league for our breweries'

UC San Diego Extension’s popular Professional Certificate in Brewing  was spotlighted on KPBS-TV’s “Evening Edition” local newscast on Jan. 27.

Yuseff Cherney, the year-old program’s lead instructor, was interviewed by host Peggy Pico, along with Dave Adams, who serves as advisor for another brewing education program offered by SDSU’s College of Extended Studies.

Yuseff Cherney

Cherney, COO, co-founder, and  head brewer for San Diego-based Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits, had these observations:

  • On how the craft brewing curriculum was created: “We wanted to school people, not only to open up their own breweries — so we need them to know all about beer — but we also wanted to instruct people so that they could get into an already-functioning brewery. And kind of ‘jump up the ladder’ a little bit and get into a position that might require a little bit education and more knowledge. So it’s a lot of technology-based classes, wort production, yeast handling, all the different facets of Brewing 101.”

  • On his hand-picking of instructors: “We’re trying to get the rock stars of the brewing industry. There are people out there who are definitely known in the brewing world. Home brewers look up to these people. Those are the people I want to teach our classes, versus somebody who wrote a book 20 years ago.”

  • On likelihood of certificate holders getting a job in brewing industry: “We’ve actually already hired [three] people that are [now] in the program. So I imagine once you have a [certificate], you’ll be very hire-able. That’s why I’m with the program. It’s like the farm league for our breweries, picking and choosing these people out of the program. It’s great.”

Here’s a link to the on-air interview: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2014/jan/27/beer-101-serious-business-san-diego/

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