Extension's Spring 2015 catalog: Highlights of feature articles


Professor Alan J. Daly at the UC San Diego Geisel Library

The new edition of UC San Diego Extension's Spring 2015 Catalog is now available online and by mail.

Along with course listings and requirements for certificate programs, the catalog includes the following features:

Cover Story: For Alan J. Daly, UC San Diego professor and chair of the Department of Education Studies, social networks hold the key to more enlightened forms of teaching, learning, and leadership.

"What I'm trying to do in my work is bring to the surface the importance of our humanity - done so with humility," said Daly. "To me, connecting the powerful ideas of social networks to the critical work of educational transformation is a hallmark of my research."

With the emergence of social media networks, most people think first about Facebook, LinkedIn and other large-scale networks. But Daly focuses on the hard work of educators in schools and districts throughout San Diego and those that stretch far beyond.

Voice of the Instructor: In Camille Primm's view, the turning point in our lives comes when we decide to take control, no matter what.

"That's when we say to ourselves, okay, I'm in charge of my own destiny, my own career, my own happiness," said Primm, a career training and performance strategist. "From now on, I'm going to make sure I'm heading toward those goals."

Quotable: "I'm intensely motivated to support people when they're dealing with change."

Voice of the Student: Creativity comes from unlikely sources, says Henry Herz, who writes children’s books with his two young sons, Josh and Harrison.

Together, Herz and his sons start with the familiar to create something new: They spin tales of science fiction and fantasy aimed at young readers whose fertile imaginations often run just as wild as theirs.

Quotable: "My motivation in writing these books is in knowing that I've planted the spark of creativity in young people." 

Voice of the Employer: Phil Blair defines himself in basic terms: "I'm the guy who always says, 'Don't forget about jobs. We need them!"

That's the everyday hiring mantra at Manpower San Diego, the largest Manpower franchise in the U.S., with annual revenues of more than $150 million."

Quotable: "Mostly, it's a matter of showing me — yourself, really — that you're making an effort to make yourself more marketable."


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