An ear for success: Microbial researcher listens to customers

As a microbial researcher in San Diego’s biotech industry for 25 years, Octavio Espinosa helped develop a variety of scientific-based commercial products and processes.

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Octavio Espinosa, Certificate in Marketing

Today, as Senior Director of Sales & Marketing at BioSurplus, a San Diego-based laboratory equipment company, he integrates his scientific background with an added skill set — marketing.

“Every day, I interact directly with our customers, many of whom are scientists looking for affordable lab equipment,” said Espinosa, who earned his UC San Diego Extension Certificate in Marketing in 2011.

He’s surely been an avid learner, having completed more than 25 Extension courses related to science and marketing since 1995.

“I remember years ago, I joined one of my marketing colleagues on a field call,” he recalled. “I was fascinated by the questions posed by the customer and some of the challenges in using our product at the time.  I thought, Boy, we could have prevented this by listening to our customers during our development efforts.”

Prior to joining BioSurplus, he had only a limited background in sales and marketing. But his passion for acquiring such knowledge blossomed through UC San Diego Extension.

“I can’t say enough about how I learned to better integrate the disciplines of science and marketing to help meet an industry need,” he said. “Now, to be part of the entrepreneurial spirit within our three locations — San Diego, San Francisco and Boston — is very exciting.”

Learning more about marketplace needs and consumer trends has given him a greater knowledge of how to blend science with marketing.

“Each of my instructors emphasized a lasting customer-centric mantra,” he said. “It’s simple: Listen, listen, listen to the customer. I’ve never forgotten that.”

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