Mid-year report from Dean Walshok, 2014

As a part of Extension’s commitment to support the major goals of UC San Diego’s campus strategic plan, Extension has re-doubled its commitment to connecting its activities, wherever possible, to the major academic initiatives and outreach efforts of importance to the campus.

To this end, we are developing Mid-Year Reports on these on-going efforts, the first of which we are pleased to share as follows.

Each January and July, we will share these reports with staff, students and faculty committed to our collective mission.

Mary Walshok, dean of UC San Diego Extension


“Extension by the Numbers”

Mid-Year Report, July through December 2013

Presented: January 28, 2014

Providing Tech-Enabled, Post-Degree Education & Community Outreach


Popular UCSD-TV Programs for the Period:

UCSD-TV programs generated approximately 57 million hits from July through December 2013. The most popular programs were:

  • Brain Fitness: Social Aspects of Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment – Research on Aging (Mario D. Garrett, San Diego State): 1,559,721 hits

  • Brain Mapping:  Pushing the Frontiers of Neurology – “The Atlantic Meets the Pacific 2013” (UC San Diego neuroscientists Ralph Greenspan and Nicholas Spitzer joined Kris Famm of GlaxoSmithKline and James Fallows of The Atlantic for a look into the future of brain research): 553,479 hits

  • The Future of Human Space Exploration – Birch Aquarium (Charles Kennel, former Scripps Institution of Oceanography director and chair of the National Academy's Space Science Board): 458,790 hits

  • The Genetics of Humanness – CARTA (Ed Green, UC Santa Cruz; Elaine Mardis, Washington University): 267,418 hits

  • Mindfulness - On Our Mind – The Brain Channel (William Mobley, UC San Diego; Steve Hickman, UC San Diego): 136,894 hits


SIO MOOC Course Draws 13,000:

The Extension and Scripps Institution of Oceanography online collaboration, “Climate Change in Four Dimensions,” a Coursera-based MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), was launched January 7, 2014 with Professors Kennel, Somerville, Oreskes, Victor, and Ramanathan. The fall campaign resulted in more than 13,000 enrollments. The following map illustrates where students are located throughout the world:



Building Bridges from College to Careers

Catalog and Magazine Cover Stories Shine Light on Faculty and Industry Trends:

In the first of a series, faculty member Stephen Mayfield was featured in a cover story about his work at UC San Diego and the ties to Extension.

dmayfield.jpgThanks to an innovative program led by Mayfield, in partnership with UC San Diego Extension, workers are being retrained for the new green economy.

The Biofuels Program has an enrollment of 63 students, with 23 students having completed the certificate. A series of biofuel-themed lectures, on-line, is scheduled for Spring 2014 quarter, highlighting the expertise of the program’s instructors via social media. A MOOC is set for Fall 2014 quarter.

These certified general science technicians are employed in the rapidly expanding biofuels industry of San Diego and Imperial counties.

The UC San Diego Extension Spring 2014 catalogue cover will feature Professor Anthony Davis of the music department, a key instructor for Extension’s annual Jazz Camp.


Building Bridges for Young Adults to the College Experience

Number of Students in Summer Academic Connections:

Total students: 402

  •  San Diego 3-week Summer Academic Connections: 355

  • “Global Environmental Leadership and Sustainability Course” – Biosphere 2/University of Arizona: 18

  • “Global Environmental Leadership and Sustainability Course” – Los Alamos/University of New Mexico: 14

  • “Global Environmental Leadership and Sustainability Course” – The Island of Hawai’i: 15

Additional facts:

  • Over 70 courses delivered: In disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics -- STE[a]M

  • 38 schools served: College-prep course programming across the region

  • 987 students participated: increased enrollment of 22 percent from 2012 in the 2013 fall term

  • Gompers Prep and several South County schools served: Part of on-going community outreach efforts

  • Average SAT score increase per student:100 points

  • 179 Active Launch students: On-going effort to enhance the undergraduate student experience and prepare them for the transition into the workplace

  • Provided MCAT, LSAT, GRE, and GMAT instruction to over 200 students in fall term: High-caliber preparation for students entering graduate research study

  • Continued to provide STE[a]M instruction for foster youth via Promises2Kids (13 enrollees in fall term): On-going outreach to the foster-youth community


Extension Partners With Qualcomm on Hire-A-Youth:

On August 9, 2013 Qualcomm celebrated five years of Hire-A-Youth (HAY) with a commencement ceremony that recognized 30 graduates of the summer program.

Qualcomm partnered with Extension to create exceptional curriculum to equip each intern with job readiness and life skills training. Students learned interview techniques, how to write a professional resume, create a business plan, and much more. Since 2010, Qualcomm has fully-funded their 6-week program, which has benefitted over 110 students thus far.


School of Medicine Partners with Extension on Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program: Student selection is based on their ability to strengthen their GPA, plus their ultimate commitment to serve underserved patients. A total of 91 individuals applied to the 2013-14 post-bac pre-med program. Then, 71 were interviewed by UC San Diego School of Medicine faculty, including:

  • Carolyn Kelly, MD

  • Mia Savoia, MD

  • Lindia Willies-Jacobo, MD

  • Christine Moutier, MD

  • Kim Prisk, PhD

  • David Rapaport, PhD

  • Dorothy Sears, PhD

A total of 35 students were selected for the cohort and 28 students chose to join us.  These students come from colleges and universities across the country, not just California.

Schools represented include: UC San Diego, UCLA, UC Riverside, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Michigan, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, San Diego State, Arizona State, Cal State Northridge, University of Puget Sound, and University of Santa Clara. Student undergraduate GPA’s range from 2.7 to 3.7.


Serving the Life Sciences, Technology & Health Care Innovation Economy


Faculty Featured at “The Atlantic Meets the Pacific”:

The game-changing ideas at the horizon of technology, the sciences, and health were the focus of the third annual “The Atlantic Meets the Pacific,” a major national forum held October 2-4, 2013.

Presented by The Atlantic and the UC San Diego Extension, the program explored the people—and places—working at the cutting-edge of innovation in health technologies. More than 400 people attended.

Featuring innovators working on the cutting-edge of health technologies, the conference explored: ways to accelerate innovation in cancer care, the future of neurology and brain mapping, the role of big data in healthcare, and US and global investment in health IT, among other topics. Joining the conversations were several internationally recognized scientists from UC San Diego:

  • Jacopo Annese, director of The Brain Observatory, UC San Diego School of Medicine

  • Ralph Greenspan, associate director of the Kavli Institute for Mind and Brain, UC San Diego

  • Clark Gibson, professor, UC San Diego Department of Political Science

  • Scott Lippman, professor of  Medicine, UC San Diego School of Medicine, and director of the Moores Cancer Center

  • Larry Smarr, founding director of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), a partnership of UC San Diego and UC Irvine

  • Ramesh Rao, director, UC San Diego Division, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2)

  • Todd Coleman, director, Neural Interaction Laboratory, UC San Diego

  • Jamie Alexandre, Ph.D. candidate in Cognitive Science, UC San Diego

  • Nicholas Spitzer, Distinguished Professor of Neurobiology and Co-director, Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind, UC San Diego

Many other UC San Diego academic leaders participated by giving lectures and giving lab tours, including:

  • Anders Dale, founding co-director, Multimodal Imaging Laboratory, UC San Diego

  • Mark Ellisman, founding director, Center for Research in Biological Systems, UC San Diego

  • Peter Otto, Professor of Music, UC San Diego

  • Mana Parast, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, UC San Diego

  • Alysson R. Muotri, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics and Cellular & Molecular Medicine, UC San Diego School of Medicine

  • Larry S.B. Goldstein, Ph.D., Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, UC San Diego School of Medicine

  • Dr. Lihini Aluwihare, Associate Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  • Dr. Margaret Leinen, Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  • Dr. Ralph F. Keeling, Professor of Geochemistry, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  • Dr. Bradley S. Moore, Professor of Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, UC San Diego

  • Dr. Jennifer Smith, Assistant Professor in Marine Ecology and Conservation, Scripps Institution of Oceanography


Fostering Alumni and International Scholar Connections to the Campus

Quick Recap of International Scholar Groups, July to December 2013:

  • U.S. Healthcare Leadership program for the DHBW-Mannheim (German university, 13 participants)

  • Terrestrial Carbon Accounting program with World Wildlife Fund (22 participants)

  • U.S. Business and Economic Strategies program for Fundaçao Getulio Vargas (Brazilian university, 28 participants)

  • Faculty Training Program for 28 Chinese scholars

  • University Student Affairs Development program for 40 Chinese university administrators


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