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Taking the Next Step in Teaching the Sciences With the Noyce Master Teacher Fellowship

By Chris Halter, Ed.D., Education Studies Department, UC San Diego

UC San Diego Education Studies Department (EDS) and Physical Sciences Division have received the Robert Noyce Master Teacher Fellowship (MTF) from the National Science Foundation (NSF Award 1136369) for $3,248,492.00 over a five-year period. The program was launched in October 2012.
The UC San Diego MTF program recruited and provides professional development to 42 local teachers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) content areas to serve as effective mentors and become strong education leaders within our high-needs schools and school districts. All selected MTF fellows will receive salary supplements and will participate in online-based mentor teacher training at the beginning of the program that was developed by the Education Department at UC San Diego Extension. This initial training will be supported throughout the program with on-site consultation with university faculty and field supervisors as well as annual MTF conferences. Throughout the academic school year MTF teachers will be able to participate in targeted online courses to further develop specific content and pedagogical skills. During the summer months MTF will join EDS and Physical Science faculty at UC San Diego for summer institutes in either mathematics or science instructional topics. UC San Diego will establish a Master Teacher in Residence program that will recruit a MTF to join the university faculty engaging in teaching university coursework and supervising CalTeach Noyce Scholars at various local schools.

Through the UC San Diego EDS Master Teacher Fellowship program, we will further the understanding of four vital components of learning and expertise development; the importance of mentorship, expertise development through experience, social networks, and blended learning. The UC San Diego MTF program will leverage both face-to-face interactions with online content delivery in a cohort model to achieve greater learning gains for our participants. High-quality online learning courses are provided through our two partners: the Education Department at Extension and Performance Learning Systems (PLS). These online interactions are supports and enhanced through social media and face-to-face meetings.

High-need schools and districts often face challenges to recruit and maintain sufficient numbers of highly qualified teachers. San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD), one local high-need school district, is the second largest in California. The MTF program will establish a large cohort of experienced teachers to support and further the broader learning goals of students within San Diego schools. The program’s online mentor teacher course will also be shared with local school districts as a cost-effective way to train and develop additional cohorts of mentor teachers within their schools.

For more information about this article or the collaboration between EDS and the Education Department at UC San Diego Extension, please contact Morgan Appel, director of UC San Diego Extension's Education Department at

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