Taking the next steps toward a bright future

Taking the Next Steps Toward a Bright Future: Supporting Undergraduate Research at UC San Diego Extension’s Education Department

Extended Studies is perhaps best known for providing career-focused professional development, certification and licensure for experienced individuals possessing bachelor’s degrees or higher. Traditionally, Extension is a place to go to bolster one’s Curriculum Vitae; hone practical skills; or serve as an entry point for a new career altogether. Although ‘taking the next step’ most frequently refers to these types of activities, it is important to remember that Extension retains steadfast commitment to the University’s threefold mission of research, teaching and service. Whilst departments, schools and colleges on campus are most active in realizing this mission, the Division of Extended Studies plays a role in offering ardent and aspiring novice researchers a unique setting to undertake their studies.

Recently, the Education Department at UC San Diego Extension was presented with an opportunity to participate in the campus-based Faculty Mentor Program and to work collaboratively with Mr. Nhat-Dang Do, an up-and -coming undergraduate social scientist with interests in education policy. In establishing a broader framework Nhat’s research into the epidemiology of school reform, Department staff served as a sounding board and resource repository. His ongoing work that will include case studies of adoption of Common Core and beyond, have already helped to guide the Education Department’s broader research agenda, and have inspired conference presentations on the near horizon. In this way, the Department’s partnership with the undergraduate community is reciprocal; mutually beneficial; and meaningful to the field.

The Education Department takes great pride in the achievements of Nhat-Dang Do and in supporting his next steps as he does our own. For more information about this article or about undergraduate research opportunities in Education, please contact Morgan Appel, director, Education Department at mappel@ucsd.edu.
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