Fortify your fermentation skills at a 3-day workshop

UC San Diego Extension is teaming up with UC San Diego’s Center for Continuing Education in Biological Sciences to provide a three-day workshop on microbial fermentation this August.

Participants will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the bioreactor processes of microbial fermentation through exploring bioprocess simulation and using the latest techniques in applying process analytical technology in manufacturing.

This workshop is aimed towards professionals with fundamental experience in fermentation and will help them to optimize their processes and gain practical skills using modern technology and applications.

Some knowledge in molecular and cellular biology, chemistry and biochemistry is recommended, as the class will cover the processes of bioreactor operations in depth.
The workshop is intended to improve participants’ problem solving skills, through planning and analyzing their experimental design process and modeling the bioprocesses within bioreactors and microbial cell systems.

Instructors of the course include two professors from UC San Diego, James Golden, Ph.D., professor of Molecular Biology and Pao Chau, Ph. D., professor of Chemical Engineering, as well as Michael Fino of Mira Costa College’s Biological Sciences Department and Michelle O’Malley,Ph. D., assistant professor of Chemical engineering at UC Santa Barbara.

The workshop will be held from 8am to 5pm on August 21 through 23 on the main campus of UC San Diego.

Save ten percent on enrollment by enrolling before June 21! For more information on the course and registration, click here.

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