A taxing change: New certificate program in taxation introduced

This year’s April 15 tax-filing deadline may have come and gone, but CPAs and accountants rarely stop thinking about taxes.

Fernando Carrillo, Instructor, Taxation: Federal Individual Income Taxation

Ensuring that a client’s financial records are accurate and taxes are paid properly and on time — that’s a year-round job requiring significant degree-level schooling and post-degree training.

Starting this fall, UC San Diego Extension will introduce a new Specialized Certificate in Taxation.

The new certificate program coincides with California’s recently-tightened requirements to obtain a state-certified Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license, starting this year.

Previously, California had been one of few states in the nation that did not have a mandatory 150-semester unit requirement. The change in requirements makes current and aspiring CPAs more marketable by giving them the ability to apply for reciprocity in order to use their licenses in other states.

The certificate in taxation is directed toward students who wish to gain a comprehensive instruction regarding individual and corporate tax principles.

The capstone course, Taxation: Practice, Procedure and Ethics, will encompass the concepts learned from certificate courses in accounting, taxation and the legal system. In addition, a framework for ethical behavior will be presented, including such topics are privacy issues, regulations of tax practitioners and disclosure.

Students will analyze tax-related business cases, compose mock appeals, conduct tax research and interpret IRS rulings, thus experiencing valuable hands-on skill building.

Instructor Fernando Carrillo, a 15-year CPA based in Chula Vista, will teach Federal Individual Income Taxation, which has differences and similarities with his current specialty of international taxation.

“Like everyone else, my clients are looking for ways to minimize their tax liabilities, here and wherever they do business,” said Carrillo, a University of San Diego graduate who earned his master’s in financial economics at Duke University. “My job is to interpret what the limitations are for my clients and minimize that liability.”

Many of Carrillo’s current clients are binational business owners with assets on both sides of the border.

“When I went to graduate school, they didn’t teach anything about international accounting standards, only the U.S.,” he said. “These days, most large companies are now multi-national conglomerates and globalization is a way of life. With the ever-changing global economy, there’s always an opportunity to be better informed when it comes to taxes.”

UC San Diego Extension also offers a Professional Certificate in Accounting, which helps students fulfill the accounting requirements to pass the CPA exam and increase their knowledge base.

No prior knowledge or experience is required to enroll in either certificate program.

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