Career Talk: Internet privacy, what's our vulnerability?

A monthly series of conversations with UC San Diego Extension instructors


Topic: "Internet Privacy: What's Our Vulnerability?"
Host: John Freeman
Guest: Christopher Vera, former instructor


Christopher Vera, privacy manager at SDG&E, discusses issues of privacy and cyber security as they relate to our every-day lives. Vera develops and implements a customer privacy program for SDG&E. Away from cybersecurity, he prides himself as a cyber-poet, artist, musician, and writer "within the mysterious cosmos."

Quotable: "A lot of folks are under the impression that privacy is gone, that it just doesn't exist anymore. And I beg to differ. When I hear people say that, what I like to ask them is, 'Why don't you post your name, social security number  and your date-of-birth up on Twitter?' I haven't had anyone accept that offer yet."

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