Education Department highlights: The year in review, Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, Education Department highlights from the past fiscal year:

  • Served 7,969 Students across the globe, supported by over 100 instructors and four staff/credential analysts.

  • Offered largest CLAD Through CTEL programs in the state (open enrollment and custom-tailored, cohort-based programs)

  • Worked closely with the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) and affiliated workforce centers to provide coursework and certificates in Teaching Online, College Counseling and Reading Instruction to displaced teachers released from Los Angeles Unified School District. Also participated in a Rapid Response effort at Lanterman Development Center where over 600 employees were let go due to facility closure.

  • Continue to work with faculty from the Education Studies Department and Noyce scholarship recipients to develop and deliver online self-diagnostic batteries for CSET examinations in science and physics.

  • Delivered Reading and Literacy Added Authorization curriculum to an entire faculty at a local charter school in Logan, the first such institutional collaboration around literacy in the state of California.

  • Participated in the UC San Diego Faculty Mentor Program, supporting undergraduate research in education (econometrics of charter schools and facilitating change agentry among teachers and campus constituencies).

  • Expanded international presence in College Counseling and Gifted and Talented Education, with candidates on every continent (aside from Antarctica).

  • Presented at several professional venues, including school districts and conferences in gifted and talented education and college counseling.

  • Offered largest clear credential programs in the state (cleared or are clearing over 1,500 credentials since the inception of the new program standards, open enrollment and custom-tailored, cohort-based programs)

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