Tips & techniques: How to make a music video

There are a number of important skills that are required in order to make a good music video. Learn the art of creating an entertaining music video, along with how to record the music, plan the production, sync the sound to the performers, and edit the final product in our upcoming Music Video Production Workshop with video production veteran, Tony Perri.

To get an idea of what Perri will focus on in the course, we're providing a few tips and techniques to give you a head start!

How to prepare a story board:

Lighting basics:

It's not about budget, it's about being creative:

And, it’s always good to remember what came before…even if they do make us giggle a bit.

For those interested in a career change, the Digital Arts Center (DAC) offers a Professional Certificate in Video and Editing. Information on this certificate can be found on our website or by attending one of the DAC program’s upcoming information sessions.

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