Measles, wildfires and queso fresco: Public health threats, innovations for our border town

San Diego County’s Wilma Wooten, MD, MPH, shares her experience on the frontlines

What do ebola, measles, wild fires and unpasteurized queso fresco have in common? They all represent unique, potential threats to San Diegans that public health officers in our border town anticipate, monitor and manage.

“I love my job,” says San Diego County’s Public Health Officer, Wilma Wooten, MD, MPH, “It’s a demanding job. No day is the same!” Dr. Wooten describes being on the frontlines of public health in a city within the global community – in which epidemics can emerge from Disneyland or transatlantic flights, and a popular version of a cheese from across the border can transmit E.coli. Listen in as Dr. Wooten shares how informatics, community health workers, and federal grants have the power to prevent disease and injury here in San Diego.

Listen here: The Role of the Public Health Officer: Prevent, Protect and Promote with Wilma Wooten (The Pulse audio)

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