Success in job interviews means willingness to learn

Dr. Mary Walshok

“Over the past 12 years, significant research has been conducted on employer preferences, also known as the Voice of the Employer studies,” says Mary Walshok, a sociologist who has done research for the U.S. Department of Labor and the dean of continuing education at UC San Diego.

According to her new book, "Closing America's Job Gap," employers want proof that a prospect has the necessary knowledge, training, and experience to perform the job or, at least, to learn how to perform it. Preferably, the prospect has both. What is important is not only the training and experience, but the demonstrated ability to learn! The employer would examine the resume, attitude and approach of the prospects.

“Of greater importance to the employer was certification of the ability to do the job, or certification of the knowledge and skills that would allow the prospect to learn how to do the job,” says Walshok. “A track record of success in similar jobs was preferred, but the key was to be able to point to evidence, proof, of abilities to perform and learn. The employers perceived that the nimbleness of their organization and the rapidly changing marketplace required them to have employees who could adapt and change with the marketplace. Direct experience, while relevant, was not as important as the demonstrated ability to adapt and perform in new circumstances.”

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