Theory and practice: 'We always develop a great working relationship'

A UC San Diego Extension instructor in “Theory and Practice of Translation” since last fall, Jennifer De La Cruz enjoys teaching and connecting with her students in her online Spanish to English translation courses.


Instructor Profile:
Jennifer De La Cruz, “Theory and Practice of Translation”

“I don’t physically see my students, but we always develop a great working relationship,” she said. “Online, they get more of my time and everyone gets to write want they want. It seems to work out fine.”

In 2012, she earned her UC San Diego Professional Certificate in translation and interpretation. “I’m not a native Spanish speaker,” she said, “so my instructors were able to help me polish my Spanish even more.”

Her interest in Spanish began as a student at Cal State Fullerton.

“I was working part-time at a restaurant in Orange County where almost everyone spoke Spanish but me,” she said. “So I started taking Spanish in college and it turned out, that of all my classes, I loved those the most.”

Soon enough, De La Cruz had a Spanish degree in linguistics and was hired as a translator at a hospital in her hometown of Riverside. Then she spent 10 years teaching Spanish at her local community college. She’s now a full-time courtroom interpreter in Riverside.

While she does not see or talk to her online students, she regards their written assignments as an accurate measure of their translation skills.

“Generally, the students in my class already have a high level of knowledge about the language,” said De La Cruz. “I enjoy teaching someone who’s already an excellent student and teaching them something they didn’t know.”

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