ThoughtSTEM to host Faire and summer camps

UC San Diego graduate computer science students Sarah Esper and Stephen Foster believe youngsters shouldn't have to wait until college to learn the basics of computer programming.

THOUGHT STEM, LOGO“Just as Silicon Valley is the hub for startups and technology,” said Esper, “we’d like San Diego to become the hub of really great computer-science education.”

That in mind, they helped launch ThoughtSTEM, a local non-profit firm that provides a series of computer workshops, afterschool programs and summer camps for children ages 8 to 18.

As part of ThoughtSTEM’s offerings, a series of three computer-based camps for youngsters in grades 3-5 will be held Saturday, July 21 through Friday, July 25, 9 am to 12 noon daily at UC San Diego Extension’s University City Center (located off Int. 858 and Governor Drive).

The computer camps include these topics:

  • Interactive Art: Make stories come to life and make movies interactive

  • Game-Making: Make your own interactive game on the computer

  • Make an App: Explore how to make an Android App

In addition, ThoughtSTEM will host a Scholastic Coding Faire on Sunday, June 1, at 11 am, geared toward youngsters with a penchant for creating computer games, videos and programming. Teams of students representing STEM-curriculum schools from throughout San Diego will compete for a $1,000 grand prize, among other prizes.

Open to the public, the Scholastic Coding Faire will be held at the Jacobs Center on the UC San Diego campus.

Take a look at Sarah Esper’s YouTube video invitation:


Link, ThoughtSTEM summer camps:

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