Center for Research on the Regional Economy: 'Metro renters' dominate 92122 zip code

people.jpgThose of you who live around UC San Diego in the 92122 area, would you describe yourself as young, mobile, educated, or still in school?

Does most of your income go to rent, fashions, and technology?

Do you buy your groceries at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s?

An interesting new tool categorizes 35% of the residents of 92122 as “Metro Renters,” having those characteristics.

Esri is a research firm specializing in geographic analysis, offering products used for a huge range of tasks, from mapping effectiveness of promotions for retailers, to creating if/then scenarios for the purpose of designing disaster response plans.

One of their new projects, the Zip Lookup, displays a psychographic profile by zip code. A region’s Tapestry™ Lifestyle Segmentation, as they call it, “classifies the US population into 67 market segments and provides comprehensive lifestyle details.”

Knowledge of a locales profile can be valuable to local governments in best directing resources, current and potential businesses in forming operational strategies, and even to individuals considering relocating.

Access to the full version of the program requires a subscription to ArcGIS Online, but you can get a free peek here.

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