How continuing education STEAMs ahead: 'We’re creating a bridge to the community'

steam-graphic-(1).jpgEd Abeyta, director of UC San Diego Extension’s K-16 and STE+a+M® programs, was a panelist at a summer symposium presented by The Evolllution, an online newspaper devoted to non-traditional concepts of higher education.

The event, held June 24 at Stanford University, was titled “Higher Education and the Workforce” and examined the ways in which the two could be brought more closely together.

The 47-minute panel discussion also featured Maggie Johnson, director of university operations at Google; and Heather Adams, a student at UCLA.

(Note: Abeyta’s talk begins 30 minutes into the YouTube video)

ed-abeyta.jpgEd Abeyta: Director of Extension's K-16 programs

Abeyta oversees Extension’s highly successful STE+a+M program that emphasizes arts and music in addition to the science-based disciples of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The programs are becoming popular part of curricula at high schools throughout San Diego and Orange counties.

The concept of continuing education, says Abeyta, is about “creating a bridge to the community … not just for students who want to attend a university, but also connect to industry, where the jobs are.”

Other highlights from Abeyta’s presentation:

  • “Lifelong learning means we start before they get to college and we get them for the rest of their lifetime. In fact, we get them more than they actually get in college. …They come back as doctors, lawyers, teachers, to keep refining their craft.”

  • “Solving problems means collaboration. And that means taking someone from an archaeology perspective and solving a problem alongside a scientist.”

  • “Music and art teaches us how to work with others in harmony. When you do that, there’s a magic that happens.”

  • “The concepts of yin and yang are not just a STE+a+M principle, it’s a way-of-life principle. It’s a way of solving problems in industry. It’s a way in which we can bridge continuing education with higher education.”

  • “In the future, it’s not just about putting out degrees. It’s about equipping an individual with armor and the tools to do a job.”


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